Monday, September 29, 2008


Although summer is my favorite season, fall definitely comes in as my second favorite. I love the swatches of red, gold, orange and yellow set against a brilliant blue sky. I could drive for hours just looking at all of the colors! And while I am always sad to put away my flipflops and tank tops, I love the comfort of a long sleeve shirt or hoodie. So, with fall in the air, I decided to break out my Fall/Halloween decorations today. Martha Stewart's got nothin' on me! (just kidding)


AmberDenae said...

I love fall too!! Summer is amazing and living close to the beach has his advantages for sure but the crisp, cool autumn breeze is SO refreshing after an eternal florida summer! haha

Love your decor, super cute!

I bought a pumpkin spice candle last night that smells delightful and it definitely puts me in the mood for fall!

Hope your week is going well :)

jaime pott photography said...

I love fall too. Love all the decorations. So cute!