Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday Verse

Just a little reminder that there is so much negativity, so much trouble, so much heartbreak, so much evil in this world, and you can make all the difference. Even if it's just to one person. Be the light for someone this week. You never know what your kindness will do. 

Happy Sunday!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sunday Verse

It's Sunday night already? How in the world did this weekend go by so dang fast? 

Well, although this isn't going to be a Scripture verse for you, I thought this was so funny and well, very true. I hope your week is a great one! 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

There They Go...

The first day of Kindergarten has come and gone, and I handled it better than I thought. 

They were so excited! They couldn't wait to get to school. 

When we got to school, the kids were greeting their teachers and playing on the playground. Morgan and Taylor dropped their backpacks in their designated lines and off they went. Mike and I chatted with some other parents until the bell rang, and the kids started lining up. That's when I realized I couldn't find Taylor! She had left the playground and was lining up with the 1st graders! Ha! We got her in the correct line, and she was ready! 
No picture of Morgan since her class was already going into the school. :(

It was a little strange to go home to an empty house. I tackled all the cleaning I had been putting off, and made the girls a sign with balloons to welcome them home. And then I took a nap. A much needed, I'm emotionally tired, I don't know what else to do nap. 

I couldn't wait to pick them up! I wondered how they did, what they learned, who they made friends with. They were happy to see us and of course, we bombarded them with questions. I think they were ready for us to just let them be! 

To end their first day, we took them out for dinner to the Olive Garden (their favorite). 

They were so tired by the end of dinner. School wore them out! 

I cannot wait to see how they grow in school this year! 

Monday, September 7, 2015

Summer End

Oh, summer. You went by far too fast, and now I am in the back to school madness. Tomorrow school starts and I am trying to get everything ready. I see school starting a lot like the beginning of a new year, and I want everything in my house spotless and organized and well stocked. So I am on a rampage of cleaning and errand running today to make that happen!

Goodbye summer...

I'll be back tomorrow with a new post on my babies starting kindergarten! Someone hold me.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

Hey friends! I am just not ready for summer to be over, but it's winding down really quickly. I want to freeze time right where it is. Here's what I'm up to today...

What I Will Miss Most About Summer...

Beach days, by far, but I will also miss not being tied to a schedule. I like the lazy mornings we've been having!

What I'm Looking Forward To:

The girls are starting Kindergarten in a few weeks, and I am excited for them! Will I cry? Probably. But I know they are going to have so much fun, and I can't wait to see what they learn. As much as I don't want our lazy mornings to end, I know they are starting a new chapter in their little lives, and it's a big deal!

What I'm Praying For:
  I am praying that Taylor and Morgan have an amazing school year. I pray that they will be kind to others, and have others be kind to them. I pray that they will learn and grow and have teachers who are excited to teach them. I pray that they will be safe at school. I pray that they will make friends and have the best Kindergarten experience.

What We've Been Up To:

This sums it up. The beach, the beach and more beach time. Followed by eating tons of ice cream.

What I'm Reading:

This is on it's way to me as we speak, and I can't wait to get my hands on it. Jen Hatmaker might just be one of my favorite people on the planet.

What I'm Watching:

Big Brother! We are hooked on it, and although I am not loving this season like I have in the past, it's still way entertaining. I'm also binge-watching Arrow on Netflix.

What I'm Working On:

I am trying to get this house organized! There is something about Fall, and the kids starting school, that makes me want to get everything organized, sorted, cleaned out, wiped down, and simplified. I just cleaned out the girls closet and made room for all of the new stuff that we need to get for school.
Our office and kitchen are up next!

What I'm Loving:

Since Fall is right around the corner, I have been scouting out clothes for cooler temps.

The top two are from J Crew Factory (they just opened an outlet near us, and I'm fairly certain that my closet is in trouble), the denim shirt is from the Gap, and the adorable bracelet is from Sole Society. I'm not quite ready to pack my tanks and shorts away, and I'll probably still be wearing flip flops well into September, but these are just some ideas to get me into the Fall spirit. It's only sort of helping.

What are you up to today?

Monday, August 17, 2015

These are the days

What a gorgeous weekend we had! I do not want summer to end. I'm sort of in denial that it's winding down. 

Every summer we get a pass to a little park/beach that's really close to our house, and this past weekend was the last weekend it was open. 

We did a lot of swimming, playing in the sand, and goofing off. The beach is one of very favorite places! 

What am I going to do when it's September and I can't have any more beach time? Ugh. I will be in serious withdrawal. :)

Hope your weekend was beautiful! 

*I didn't post a Sunday verse yesterday, so here you go. Maybe this will be the verse to get you through a case of the Mondays! 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What I'm Loving Wednesday

 Our summer seems to be flying by so fast, and I honestly feel like September will be here before I know it. I am trying to enjoy as much of the summer as I can, but it's still moving pretty fast. Here's what I'm loving about our summer so far....
1.) Lazy mornings-- I don't have to rush to get the kids ready, and on my days off, it's been a battle to get out of my pajamas before 11. Our mornings tend to float by slowly, and I love that. The girls play, I get caught up on blogs and laundry, we play a few games, and before I know it, it's almost 11. Time to get moving!
2.) Beach days---Oh, how I love the beach. Lots of sun and splashing in the might just be my favorite part of summer. I will be so sad when our beach days end for the season. We have a little beach that isn't too far from us, and it's so easy to scoop up the girls, pile some towels, shovels and drinks into the car, and off we go. I'm going to enjoy every single beach day we have left. *sigh*

  3.) Being outside---Other than the beach, anything that involves playing outside, I am all about right now. That means that we do a lot of playing at the park, running around Nana's backyard (so much bigger than ours!), riding bikes, etc. I am dreading the colder weather because the girls won't want to play outside!

What are you loving about summer?