Wednesday, September 9, 2015

There They Go...

The first day of Kindergarten has come and gone, and I handled it better than I thought. 

They were so excited! They couldn't wait to get to school. 

When we got to school, the kids were greeting their teachers and playing on the playground. Morgan and Taylor dropped their backpacks in their designated lines and off they went. Mike and I chatted with some other parents until the bell rang, and the kids started lining up. That's when I realized I couldn't find Taylor! She had left the playground and was lining up with the 1st graders! Ha! We got her in the correct line, and she was ready! 
No picture of Morgan since her class was already going into the school. :(

It was a little strange to go home to an empty house. I tackled all the cleaning I had been putting off, and made the girls a sign with balloons to welcome them home. And then I took a nap. A much needed, I'm emotionally tired, I don't know what else to do nap. 

I couldn't wait to pick them up! I wondered how they did, what they learned, who they made friends with. They were happy to see us and of course, we bombarded them with questions. I think they were ready for us to just let them be! 

To end their first day, we took them out for dinner to the Olive Garden (their favorite). 

They were so tired by the end of dinner. School wore them out! 

I cannot wait to see how they grow in school this year! 

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