Saturday, June 6, 2009

Lazy Day

Although my plans for this weekend were deterred, I am still so happy to have the weekend off. It has actually been nice to do absolutely nothing. And when I say absolutely nothing, I mean NOTHING. I have been in my sweats since early afternoon and have been just laying around the house. It's been wonderful, although I do feel slightly guilty when I look at the stuffed laundry baskets. But I can do laundry anytime, right?

I got this little sweet treat from my friend Cheryl yesterday.

It is a key holder for your purse! I can never find my keys in the bottomless pit that is my purse, so when we were out for dinner on Thursday, Cheryl offered a solution in the form of this cute necessity. You just attach your keys, and there is a hook that then hangs from your purse, so you can always find your keys when you need to. Hallelujah! Thanks, C for the gift!

1 comment:

Lyryn said...

Sounds relaxing! I would love a day to just do nothing! Nice!