Sunday, July 19, 2009

It's an icky day

Do you ever have one of those days where you know you can sleep in, but your mind won't let you? That was me this morning. I tried and tried to shut off my mind, I flipped from side to side to try and get comfy, no luck. Instead, I got up and attempted to make coffee. Now, for some people, this isn't rocket science. For me, it is. I cannot seem to make a pot of coffee to save my life. You should have seen it--I had water everywhere, not to mention coffee grounds on the floor and strewn all over my countertops. Here I was, trying to measure out the perfect coffee to water ratio, and I somehow get coffee grounds inside the tank of water. Since Mike was sleeping, I screamed silently to myself. 10 minutes later, I finally have the coffee brewing. Success! Well, that is until I actually taste it (it's brewing now!).

Another reason for the title of this post? Today was supposed to be a day on the river with friends. We were going to get our tubes, our cooler and spending a few hours floating down the river. That is, until I saw the temperature this morning. 55 degrees. Not to mention that the sun is nowhere in sight. I swear, it's just like fall. And the worst part? I don't think the temps have hit in the 80s since the beginning of June, and I have the feeling it's not going to warm up anytime soon. I am bummed that we will probably have to cancel our plans for the day.

Summer, where are you?

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i just found your blog! i seen you were a following of mine, i will return the favor. looks like we will get a long just fine :))) have a fabulous week, and God bless, ♥