Monday, September 7, 2009

A little shopping

I am in the mood to shop! With my delicious Carmel Marvel in hand, I have been browsing some sites this morning looking for new clothes. I think I still have it engraved in my mind that Fall= New Clothes. Even though the weather is still pretty warm here, I cannot wait to bring out the sweaters and comfy sweatshirts. These are some of the things I have added to my shopping list for Fall...
Long cardigan--JCPenney (it also comes in a Camel color, which is soo pretty)

Short sleeve cocoon cardigan--JCPenney (I actually love the whole outfit!)

Curvy fit jeans from the Gap--I have a pair already and they are my favorite, but I need a new pair!

Drape top--Express (love the detail on the back)
Sweatshirt--Aerie ( I want to put this on right now, it looks amazingly comfy)

Boots---UGGS (honestly, I thought these were the ugliest things for the longest time. That was until I actually tried them on. Big mistake! They are so comfortable and really not that bad looking on!)

So although I am going to get the most out of whatever summer we have left, and I am still going to be rockin' my sandals until the leaves change color, I cannot wait for Fall!

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