Monday, December 21, 2009

A little pale

I have been feeling pretty pasty lately, and since I don't think we'll be seeing the sun anytime soon here in MI, I decided on getting one of those sunless tanners. I have never used a sunless tanner in my life, but I definitely knew that I didn't want to be orange! So I ended up getting this:

It is supposed to give you a "natural" looking tan after using for a week. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT! I wasn't expecting to be super dark or anything, but was at least expecting some color. Nothing. Nada. Ugh.

I am tempted to try something else, but have no idea what! Any suggestions?


Queen Bee said...

I had the same experience. I think there are some spray on tanners that work better.
Good luck!

Jaime said...

Spray tans work them