Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Because I was bored

Since I have some newfound free time (ha!), and I was feeling like I needed something new, I found myself at Target the other day. Oh, Target is such a dangerous place! I really needed some new makeup, and I have to tell you, I came home with quite the stash of stuff. I am loving the stuff I bought and thought I would share it with you, in case you were on the lookout for some new products.

First, you have to try E.L.F. cosmetics! We are talking seriously CHEAP prices here. Usually I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for and if you buy cheap then most likely you'll end up regretting it (when it comes to makeup!). I have been proven wrong! You can buy E.L.F. at Target or online. The first product I ever bought from E.L.F. was their liquid eyeliner, which I now can't live without. It stays put all day long!
I picked up this concealer on my little shopping trip. I have been cursed with heavy, dark undereye circles, and for the longest time have been using Maybelline's yellow coverstick. I wouldn't have given up that coverstick for anything! But I went out on a limb and went with E.L.F.'s UnderEye Concealer and Highlighter in Light/Glow. Purchase price $3!! It's awesome.

I was also in desperate need for makeup brushes. I have been using the same eyeshadow brush for who knows how long, and I just keep washing it and reusing. I caved, and bought these brushes from E.L.F. for $1 each.
This one is a Bronzer brush.

Normally I am a lipstick girl. It's either lipstick or nothing. However, I was swayed by the incredible prices and also got this lip gloss from E.L.F. in Candlelight. It's almost a nude color and doesn't leave your lips feeling like you have just applied glue to them. And it was only $1.

Some other goodies that I am loving right now...

Rimmel's Natural Bronzer in Sun Light. It's name says it all. It looks very natural-you won't walk around looking orange! I am in love with the Mossimo tank tops from Target, too! Although they aren't Maternity, they are actually long enough to cover my belly. So soft and comfy..The Liz Lange tanks and shirts are so nice to have, I just wish they came in more colors. (sorry, no pics-but trust me on this!).

Anyway, I need to stay away from Target for a while. I think the cashiers there are getting to know me by name. Although, I could always use another tank top...


Chea said...

I'm going to stop at Target tomorrow and try some of those great finds. I too have dark under eye circles. I always look like I am running on zero sleep or are sick. It's a pain! You are looking so cute by the way!

D said...

I love their tank tops too -- although I don't find mine to be super long so I am impressed they cover your belly! I have them in almost every color though! :)