Sunday, March 14, 2010

Week 25

I've been feeling a little overwhelmed this week. It all started with the class Mike and I took called Twins, Triplets and More. While informative, it sort of gave me a reality check and freaked me out a little. For example, I knew that it was a possibility that my babies would come early, I never really gave much thought to the fact that they might have to spend time in the NICU. I also never gave much consideration to the fact that if I make it to 37/38 weeks, my doctor will probably induce me. ??? I haven't even had that discussion with Dr. Wisebaker yet, but you can bet it's now at the top of my list of questions to ask! One couple that attended the class had just had their twin girls---born at 26 weeks. The girls weighed under 2lbs each and both are struggling and will be obviously be in the NICU for quite some time. Serious reality check there.

But I keep telling myself that I haven't had any issues up until this point, and that I am going to be done with work soon so I can focus 100% on making sure these babies stay healthy and stay inside! Besides, I have leaned strongly on my faith to get me here, and it's my faith that will take me the rest of the way.

So, here are my Week 25 Pregnancy Highlights.

How Far Along: 25 Weeks

Total Weight Gain: 30 lbs. I haven't been on a scale since my last dr. appt, but I know that I have at least put on another 5lbs.

Sleep: Not great. I wake up every hour it seems.

Best Moment This Week: Watching Mike's face as he sees my belly ripple when the girls were moving around! Up until now, he's only felt them move, but never really watched it happen.

Gender: Girls

Movement: yes!! It never fails--they love to scoot around in the evening, usually between 7 and 10 pm. They move around during the day too, but this is the time of day that they ALWAYS move.

Food Craving: Milk, cereal, anything chocolate.

What I Miss: Sleeping like a normal person.

What I'm looking Forward to: Maternity Pics!! My friend and photographer, Jaime is going to be doing them. Can't wait!

Weekly Wisdom: It's ok to ask for help. No one really expects you to do everything.

Symptoms: Huge belly, too-tight shoes (darn you, widening feet!), the pregnancy waddle, backaches, terrible round ligament pain.


Sandy Hop said...

Sarah! You look great! Glad to hear you'll be off work soon. Praying for continued health for you!!!

mrs.leah.maria said...

Sarah! You look amazing! Don't freak yourself out, it's a vicious cycle of trying to stay informed but calm.