Thursday, June 24, 2010

The In Between

I am in the in between.

Between sizes that is! I am in that place between maternity clothes and regular clothes. And nothing seems to fit quite right. Although I pretty much live in sweatpants and tank tops right now, I do occasionally leave the house, and my maternity clothes seem to add to the fact that I still look pregnant. Not as pregnant as I was, of course, but pregnant nontheless. (By the way, when is this belly going to go down? I know it doesn't happen overnight, but come on!) Even my sweatpants aren't that comfy since most of them are lower rise and they rub against my incision.

I made a trip to Target the other day in desperate search for shorts since it was blazing hot, but it didn't go so hot. I think I made several trips to the dressing room and only came out with one pair of shorts, and even those were tight (I can zip them but not button them). I couldn't bring myself to look at maternity shorts even though that probably would have been my best bet!

I am in wardrobe misery! I am in the in between. For now...


Stacy said...

When u come back to work we can walk for half our lunch! I need someone to walk with! The in between sucks... But its only been three weeks girl!

Becky said...

Six weeks. Something magical happens at six weeks. I noticed a HUGE difference at that point! Until then, just hang out in the sweats and go out in public that way, too. The time will pass quickly and then you'll be ready for a new size!