Saturday, January 8, 2011

I Did It

I finally did it. What, you may ask? Well, I finally made up my mind to make one of the largest baby purchases we have made (besides the nursery furniture) yet, and I can't wait for it to get here!

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I just bought this aweseome stroller! Before I had the girls, I couldn't imagine buying anything but a Graco stroller. I just knew that I wanted a travel system, and Graco is the one I decided on. Well, then the girls came, and I regreted that decision pretty quickly. It has been so hard to get the carriers in and out of that darn stroller, and I am sure I looked like a complete idiot always struggling with it. It didn't open or collapse easily. It became a thorn in my side. The clincher came when I took the girls to the mall and was fighting with the darn thing in the mall parking lot, trying to get it to close and one of the wheels broke off. As in cannot be fixed.

So after some research and reading a lot of reviews, I decided on the Bumbleride Indie Twin stroller. I found a great deal online for it and cannot wait for it to arrive! Oh, and I have to mention that I did get to try it out in a store before I made my final decision. Love it!

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