Wednesday, March 2, 2011

9 Months

Once again, the craziness of everyday life has caused me to be MIA from the blog world for a little bit. Nothing unusual has happened. Just life!

Morgan and Taylor are 9 months old today!!!

They are crawling and getting into everything. I swear, I need to put the house on lockdown! Taylor has got the crawling thing down, while Morgan has her own style of crawling which gets her where she wants, but at a slower pace. It's like an army crawl, and it's hilarious! Oh my girls are getting so big!

What else is new with the twins?
Well, they've been eating Stage 2 foods for over a month now, and they LOVE fruits. They'll eat vegetables, but their mouths open SO big for the fruit. I think they are going to have their mama's sweet tooth!
They have also started "talking" to each other and they both think the other one is just hilarious. Out of nowhere, they will start laughing at each other. Of course, they aren't always happy with each other. Especially when they are playing on the floor, and one will hit the other one in the face (accidentally) which then results in tears. But I am so happy to see them playing with each other and just in general, recognizing each other.

They are going for their 9 month checkup in a couple of weeks and I can't wait to see where they are at for growth. Taylor is wearing 12-18 month clothes (depends on the brand) and Morgan is into 9-12 months. Morgan has 2 teeth (on the bottom) and is cutting more as we speak, and Taylor has 6 teeth and I think she also is getting more on the bottom (she has 2 on the bottom and 4 on top). Teething has caused some major crankiness in our house!

The girls turning 9 months has prompted me to start thinking about their 1st birthday. I am thinking it's going to be Memorial Day weekend, and I would love to have it outside, so I am going to pray for great weather. I can't believe that in a few months they will be turning one. Oh my word.

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christi said...

hi! i stumbled here this morning this morning and so glad i did! the girls are so cute! off to look around!