Monday, April 4, 2011

10 Months

My sweet babies are 10 months old! So what's going on with Morgan and Taylor these days?


*Still doing the one armed crawl, but she is super fast!

*Holds her arms up and does "sooo big".

*Her toothy grin is adorable. She has 4 upper teeth and 2 on the bottom.

*Wearing 12 month clothes and jammies.

*Can hold her own bottle but still prefers someone to hold it for her.

*Getting more hair everyday.

*Loves music, and waves her arms in the air when she hears a song she likes.

*Her favorite foods are: Fruit, especially the Bananas/Apples/Pears combo.

*Takes short naps in the morning and afternoon and loves when she can sleep in our bed. Taylor:

*standing up in her crib.

*Has learned to scream just for fun! *Can clap her hands.

*Zooms around the house in her walker and can open drawers.

*Has the biggest smile! She has 4 upper teeth and 4 bottom teeth.

*Wearing mostly 18 month clothes and jammies.

*Her favorite foods are: anything!! Big fruit lover like her sister!

*Great sleeper even though she takes short naps like Morgan. I can't believe that we are only 2 months from their 1st birthday. It blows my mind! I have started to plan their party and I can't wait to celebrate with my family and friends.

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Jaime said...

OMG...2 months til they are one!!! YIKES...have fun planning!!

they are super cute!!