Monday, June 6, 2011


One of the biggest struggles that I have had since I have had the girls is FOOD. Or my lack of eating the right food.
I don't know why I seem to choose nothing but junk to eat! It's like my body is craving more comfort food and junk food than when I was pregnant.

Breakfast is a pretty easy time for me to eat healthy. I usually have fruit with yogurt or some cereal. After breakfast, it's down hill from there. Lunch? Well, half the time I don't even eat lunch, and then by the time dinner rolls around, I am starving and we are too busy with the girls to cook a real dinner. So, fast food is the easy choice because it's quick and convenient. But fast food is NOT doing wonders for my figure. That lovely little pooch I have from the girls? Yup, it's getting larger because of all the junk I eat!

Any advice? I want to eat better, but I can't seem to stay away from the donuts, cupcakes, and chocolate! Help! How can I make a healthier diet stick? Also, any dinner ideas that are quick and easy?

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Andrea said...

Oh girl, I can understand. Right now I'm eating like junk but I should KNOW better. I can easily eat healthy if I truly want to.

We always have BOWLS full of fresh fruit washed and cut up in our fridge [watermelon, blueberries, strawberries, etc.]. That way when I'm looking for something to chow down on, it's soooo easy to just grab a few pieces of fruit. We also have a huge tupperware full of almonds, dark chocolate bits and raisins in the pantry to satisfy that sweet tooth:)

Dinner planning is hard. We try out best to sit down once a week and write out a menu before grocery shopping. One of my favorite summer dinners is kabobs. We just marinate chunks of chicken, cherry tomatos, mushrooms, green pepper, sweet onion, etc. all day and then throw them together and on the grill. If you need some dinner ideas I'd suggest For like $5 a month, you get 5 dinner menus a week along with a grocery list. They have a low fat option. We did this for a month or two and I really liked it! After I got good at planning meals, I canceled the subscription but it was totally worth it.