Thursday, February 28, 2013

on my mind

Here's what's on my mind today...

*Learning to be content with what you have is harder than it seems! This house just seems to be getting smaller as the kids get bigger and I am really, really trying to be ok with that.

*I am at my wits end with Taylor's speech therapy. I love her teacher, but Taylor has not had speech therapy in 3 weeks. She is supposed to have it every week, and her teacher was sick 2 of those weeks, and then Wednesday  there was a snow day. Ugh. I want to get back to a consistent schedule!

*I found a great website for activities for the girls. It's, and it has a ton of great ideas. This snowy weather makes for some long days cooped up in the house, so I try to find fun things for the girls to do, other than watch Bubble Guppies over and over.

* I have spring on the brain. I am slightly obsessed with home decor ideas on Pinterest right now, and once warmer weather hits, I'm starting my home to-do list! I figure by the time spring actually comes around, I will have my game plan ready. I think part of me learning to be content with our little house is making it the best little house---for us!

*Praying that Mike finds another job or a different job in the same company that he has been with forever. Its a long story but we really need something good to happen here. Like yesterday.

* So ready for the weekend!!!

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Katie @ Chronicles of KT said...

I totally agree being content with what you have is harder than it seems! That is something I definitely struggle with!! OUr house isn't small persay but whenI have good friends buying these huge houses I'm not gonna lie there is always a twinge of jealousy there which I hate but I have decided I need to do what I need to do to fall in love with this house all over again be it redecorate (or actually decorate) or remodel little things