Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What's Going On

*I am desperate for spring. Like in a big way. For crying out loud, it's almost April and it's still snowing. The weatherman keeps reminding us that this time last year it was in the 80s. Gee, thanks for that super helpful reminder. These cold temps are making my Easter outfit planning a little difficult.

*I need to start being more strict with the tv viewing for the girls. There has just been way too much tv lately. It's starting to cause some meltdowns. NOT good. I am not opposed to the girls watching tv, but it's just on ALL the time it seems. And frankly, Bubble Guppies and Mickey Mouse need a hiatus.

*I have been reading 2 really good books lately. The first one actually relates to my previous complaint about too much tv. It's called 15 Minutes Outside by Rebecca Cohen. The title says it all. I am not too far into the book, and she has some easy and inspiring ideas. My only thing is this--the book seems to be geared towards kiddos that are 5 and up. However, you can easily adapt most of the activities to the age of your little one.

The second book that I am into is When Did I Get Like This by Amy Wilson. Hilarious! If you want some chuckles and a totally relatable book on motherhood, give this one a shot.

* I am loooooving these bathing suits for M and T. Warm weather, please come soon!

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