Monday, June 10, 2013

10 on 10

1. I have been on the hunt for a denim jacket for some time now and thought I had scored the perfect one from J Crew Factory. The problem was when it finally arrived, it was not at all how I wanted it to be. It was boxy, too loose fitting, and too thin. Back to the drawing board! Until today.  I found a really cute one at JCPenney, thanks to my friend and former co-worker Stacy for finding it for me.

2. I feel like we aren't making much ground with potty training. Consistency is the big issue we are having! Some days we do pull ups and other days , we do diapers. I am feeling the pressure though, since Morgan has to be out of diapers and fully trained by September. Yikes! 

3. I think Taylor is slowly moving away from her afternoon nap. It seems that more often than not, she lays in there and just talks away the whole time, or decides to get up and play in her book corner which usually wakes up her sister. I am a little bummed that the nap is coming to an end, because I love to catch a little cat nap myself when the girls are down!

4.Taking pics on my phone is one of my very favorite things. I don't ever use my digital camera anymore. I have also been loving some photo apps on my phone--Wood Camera and PicStitch. There is just something about changing a regular old photo and changing it to black and white. I looooove black and white pics. Here's the problem I'm running into. When I upload the black and whites (or any altered photos for that matter) to Shutterfly, I get an error message telling me the resolution is too low. So then I can't print a picture larger than a 4x6. Whaaaaattt?? If anyone has any suggestions, I am ready!

5. I have a new favorite Yankee Candle. It's called Beachwood. Oh my. It's perfect for summer.

6. I've been reading Desperate by Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson. Wow is all I can say. I find myself reading it and wondering when Sarah Mae got into my head because so much of what she is writing about are thoughts that I have had. If you are a mom of young kiddos and feel overwhelmed at times, this is a great book for you.

7. Gearing up for some summer tv! Mike and I always watch Big Brother, so we are excited for that. Other shows I'll be watching? The Next Food Network Star, Falling Skies, Rizzoli and Isles, and a couple new ones. Crossing Lines with Donald Sutherland looks really good, as does The Fosters and Twisted. What can I say? I love tv.

8. We worked on our Summer Fun List, and Morgan and Taylor are so excited! Our summer plans include:
       *going to the childrens museum, making banana smores, going to the beach, going up north for the 4th of July, heading to our local farmers market, going to the library, spending time at the pool, building sandcastles, sleepover at Nana's, picnic in the park, ice cream cones, make cloud dough, make sidewalk chalk paint, and run through the sprinklers.

9. I wish I had more motivation to work out. I was doing so good for a while, but like usual, that fizzled out. Instead of being so hard on myself when I try on clothes, I should use that as motivation to keep up the workouts. It's just not my strong suit. But I am determined to go to yoga this month!

10. Just adoring these sweet faces...

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