Friday, September 19, 2008

Christmas Ornament Swap

This is from my friend Jaime ( and I am going to participate and thought you might like it too!

Many of you know I participated in a Christmas Ornament Swap last year. And well it is back. My great friend, Shelley, is organizing it this year. Please link this on your own blog, and forward to friends. I would love for everyone to get to meet new people through it.
Some random info:
**Price limit is $20 FIRM! We had a low limit last year, and I think we all went over! If you get a wonderful deal, and just have to buy something that is worth more, yet falls under the limit, go for it. If you find 1-2 amazing ones that you are in love with, there is NO pressure to buy more than that. We don't want anyone being stressed about trying to "keep up" and not looking cheap. Most of us have small kids and lots of expenses at Christmas, so we want to keep it on a fun level. It can be made from anything, as long as it can be hung on a Christmas tree. No stuff to "sit around" or what not, at least not for this swap, UNLESS your person specifies that they are interested in that type thing. If they are, you still aren't obligated to go that route, it's just another possibility to explore.
The Rules:
In order to enter, please email with your name, and mailing address, and your blog site, if you have one. Copy and paste the below questionaire in order to make it easier on your person to know what you are (and ARE NOT) interested in! The more info, the better, if you ask me!
1. Would you be happy with what not type decorations, or are you interested only in tree ornaments?
2. What color scheme is your tree?
3. Do you collect any specific theme, such as hallmark, snowmen, or etc?
4. Do you like personalized ornaments, with names/initials? If so, please include all info for your family's names.
5. Do you like oversized ornaments? Flashy and bright, or simple and contemporary?
6. Is there anything specific that you think someone "might" get you that you totally cannot stand?

Deadline to Sign up with be October 20th.She will be getting your names to you as soon as I can after that, probably within a matter of days. If you email her, and feel like she may have possibly somehow not gotten it, do not hesitate to email again. After she gets everyone their partner, you will then have until Thanksgiving to mail out your ornaments. (We want to have time for people to get them onto their trees!)Before shopping, get to know the person you have been given - be sure and check out their blog if they have one, find out what they like, what they collect, etc... Or you can bless them with something from your neck of the woods, something they wouldn't find where they live, as long as it doesn't fall into their list of stuff they would not want.

Shipping instructions: Please package each ornament carefully (especially if doing glass ornaments) Please include your name on your package, since it is not a secret pal swap.Ornaments must be mailed with delivery confirmation, please, it's only about fifty cents. Please do not sign up if you don't want to take it seriously. No one wants to be left with no prize!Once they are received, please blog yours, if you have one!
ANYONE CAN JOIN.....Looks like International is an option too.....Happy Shopping!

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Looks like she is closing early if you still wanna join!!