Monday, September 15, 2008

Getting off my lazy butt

So I finally went back to the gym after 2 months. It was not a pretty sight, and because I felt like I needed to atone for my absenteeism, I decided to get on the elliptical machine (my dreaded enemy). It was painful! I have always hated that machine, and today was no different. I see these ladies on the elliptical, and they are working it like it's their job! I can barely stand to be on it for more than 5 minutes, and these ladies are on there for 15+ minutes (one was even on her cell phone--really? At the gym? Is that necessary?) I did, however, have my trusty IPod to help me get through the workout. Here's what I was sweating to:

**Mr Brightside--The Killers

**Viva La Vida--Coldplay


**Evenflow--Pearl Jam


**I'm Not Over--Carolina Liar

**Stolen---Dashboard Confessional

**Icky Thump--The White Stripes

I also took a peek at the schedule of classes they offer, and I have been wanting to take a yoga class for a while, so I may do that this week. I've never done yoga before, so hopefully I don't look like an idiot!!

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jaime pott photography said...

You will never belive this, but I LOVE the elliptical. HAHAHA We have one at home that's home much I like it. BUT hey I need to get back on the darn thing. UGH it is sooo hard, but you you said you just have to do it. Congrats for pushing yourself.
And Yoga.....I totally want to try that as well. Actually doctor recommeneded it for balance...