Monday, October 27, 2008


I've been thinking a lot about the power of words. Words that come out of your mouth can affect someone else whether you meant them to or not. But how often do we censor what we say? I think that we've grown accustomed to speaking our minds, regardless of how that makes others feel.

I've seen a lot of that this past weekend at work. Since I am in retail, I am in the business of customer service. I am not, however, in the business of being a customer's verbal punching bag. Yet, so often, customers think they can talk to me or my associates however they feel, like it's their God given right to be rude. Now, no one was nasty to me this weekend, but they were to my co-workers. And frankly, it's disgusting. So often, customers come in with the "ME" mentality. What are you going to do for me? How can you give me what I want? When they don't get what they want, out comes the words of ridcule and hate. You wouldn't believe the things people say when they don't get their way!

Although I work full-time (and it seems I live at work!), I know that the power of words have impact on my life outside of work as well. I think a lot about the things that I have said to people I love that came from a place of anger, dissapointment, or frustration. And I realize then, that I am no better than those customers making a scene in my store.

Even though I am venting about the words we say, what about the words we don't say? I cannot even begin to count the number of moments when I chose to be silent when I should have spoken up. Those are moments I can't get back. Is someone I love wondering how I feel? Could someone in my life have benefitted from words of encouragement?

I guess I'm just wishing that I could always think before I speak, and that other people could also. I am hoping that the right words never fail me, and that I won't be silent when my voice needs to be heard.


jaime pott photography said...

This is sooo true....I had a horrible experience on Thursday with a patient. She actually made me cry. The words she used toward me were so hurtful. I couldn't believe it....what right does she have to talk to someone this way. I mean it was horrible...swearing and name calling was some of it. I seriously came out of the room and started sobbing.
I totally agree I need to work on thinking before I speak...and so do many others. Great post.

Sarah said...

Aaaww.. Jaime,so sorry that happened. What can I say? Some people have no consideration for others!