Thursday, November 27, 2008

I'm feeling Thankful

I treasure Thanksgiving because it is the one of the few times when the majority of my family can get together. We eat, we give thanks, we laugh, we eat, we pick on each other, we eat... I miss Thanksgiving at my grandma's house, but I am glad my mom has taken over the tradition of having it at her house. Although I miss the old tradition, I am so happy that we are making a new one and that my nephew Cole and neice Ava are able to have this tradition in their lives. I can't wait until Mike and I can introduce the Thanksgiving tradition to our kids.

So today I am especially thankful for..

**my family--as loud and goofy as we are, we have heaps of love for each other!

**Mike--the love of my life.

**Cami--my dog who never is disappointed to see me, and who insists that our bed is really hers.

**My friends--who make me laugh and have been a great source of support.

**My job--even as annoying as it can be sometimes, I am grateful to even have one.

**My home--while it's not our dream home, it's perfect for us right now.

**God--He loves me, walks with me so I won't ever be alone, has great plans for me, teaches me, and who's strength I lean on everyday.

I am blessed without a doubt.

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