Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Yesterday was the perfect day to do my Christmas decorating. As I was sitting at my desk yesterday morning, the snow started to fly and accumulate pretty quickly. And for some reason, this made me smile! Maybe it was because I was feeling the Christmas spirit or maybe it was because I didn't have to worry about driving to work in the bad weather, but I was lovin' the snow!

I bundled up, scraped the snow off my car, and drove my happy self to Starbucks. I have been hearing some VERY good things about the Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate, and I was craving one badly. Sure enough, it does not dissapoint. It was heaven in a cup. You must try one! Today!

AFter getting home, I dug out all the Christmas decorations and cranked up the Christmas music. Yes, I am one of THOSE people. I love Christmas music--the silly songs to the spiritual ones. Know them and love them all. Here's a picture of the Marshalls Christmas tree....

I also picked up this:

I am finishing reading The Purpose Driven Life, and thought this would be a perfect read for this time of year.


AmberDenae said...

You tree is beautiful! Great job :)

We put one of our trees up last night. We're trying to get in the Christmas Spirit despite all the current challenges.

I LOVE Christmas as well and I love all the music, sights, food and just everything about it. It just makes me feel warm and happy. :)

I'm gonna ahve to try that hot chocolate, sounds so yummy!! :)

jaime pott photography said...

I love the tree. So pretty. I started putting mine up last night but I only got to put it up and get the branches spread out...LOL Tonight I am decorating it. Yeah I love this part. It takes me forever tho because I am so picky about where everything is...LOL

Also..YOUR BOW!!! I have a bow like it..but I changed my colors up a bit this year and I want a new bow...so I have the ribbon and do NOT know how to make it....Who made yours? Did you buy it like that? did you make it? TELL ME!!
I was fighting with the ribbon last night to figure it out...didn't get very far. LOL

Sarah said...

Jaime--I had it made at Flowerland a couple of years ago. It was relatively inexpensive. I am not crafty enough to make it myself!!