Sunday, November 23, 2008


Maybe Im the only one who experiences this, but sometimes it's annoying and other times it can be a blessing! THE FACT THAT I CAN'T SLEEP PAST 9:00 A.M.
I worked a 10 hour shift yesterday, and when I got home after 1 in the morning, I wasn't quite ready to sleep. So I turned on Oprah, then got ready for bed, started reading my new Self magazine, and soon was feeling pretty tired. Which brings me to this morning. I pried open one eyelid to glance at my alarm clock, saw that it was 8:30, and tried to go back to sleep. TRIED. But it was too late. My brain was already awake and thinking of the things that I need to get done before I head into work today. My eyes were still so heavy and not ready to fully open, but my brain was laughing at the thought of attempting sleep again.

I don't think I've been able to sleep past 9 am in years. What in the world is this about?


jaime pott photography said...

oh yeah same here it is crazy how your body will not let you sleep any longer.

Julie said...


I haven't posted your comment because we're waiting until Christmas to tell our family :~0 However, I appreciate it and your prayers. Thanks for being vulnerable in this time of your life, God is going to honor your obedience in opening up and sharing your journey with others. People will be encouraged! You're in my prayers!

Krysta said...

It's called GETTING OLDER. It sucks! 9am is my time too, but I'm usually up at 7am. I cannot sleep past 9am no matter how hard I try. So I gave up trying and just tell myself I can take a nap later in the day (which doesn't usually happen). Your tree is so pretty!! Are you doing the BooMama tour of homes? Check out my blog for the link. It should be pretty fun!