Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

Since I have been a slacker with my blog lately, I thought I would do a Ten on Tuesday to get things rolling!

1.) I've been struggling with the decision to vote all week. I know, I know--it shouldn't even be a struggle. Yet, I have had a case of "my Vote Doesn't Matter Syndrome". I have been a McCain supporter from the get go, but these last days have made me feel like there is no point in voting since I believe that Obama is going to win. Nevertheless, I'll be taking my little self to the polls and will be casting my vote for McCain today.

2.) Ever since I switched management teams at work, my stress level has gone down considerably. I no longer dread going into work, and am actually looking forward to the Holidays! You could say I am in the Christmas spirit!

3.) Our dog Cami has taken over our bed. We never used to let her fall asleep with us. However, she would jump up on the bed in the middle of the night when we were too busy sleeping to kick her off. Now, she makes her way onto the bed before either of us even get into bed!

4.) Mike and I have been talking about getting a new tv for Christmas. We have a 36" now, and although it is still in great working condition, we are thinking about something bigger.

5.) I can't stop cleaning my house. It feels like a never-ending process. I could get the house totally clean, and then 2 days later, it needs to be clean again. Dust is my enemy!

6.) Even though it has been cold off and on here in Michigan, I am still rockin' the open toed heels to work. I don't want to retire them to my closet just yet. I'm not completely ready for the snow.

7.) I am on the hunt for a new book to read. I am finishing the last book in the Twilight series, and need to find something new to entertain me. Any suggestions?

8.) I need to scrapbook soon. I haven't scrapped in so long! Although my last scrap project was a success (I made a mini-book of inspirational quotes, Scripture verses, etc), I think I need to go back to my pics and work on those.

9.) Still haven't made it to the gym. Honestly, I haven't made the time. I always have a million other things I HAVE to do first. I am starting to wonder if I am ever going to go.

10.) Fav song of the week: Katy Perry's "Hot N' Cold." Every time that song comes on, I have to crank it up. People sitting next to me in traffic must love it.


mrs.leah.maria said...

Do it. Have faith.

So glad that you can look forward to work again!

Pets are sneaky like that. :)

Sometimes bigger is just better, especially when the deals are bigger too.

The gym is overrated. Sorry, I haven't been one to workout lately either, so I figured I'd discourage you to make you feel as terrible as me. :)

Becky said...

I'm reading a great book right now, called "Captivating." It's about womanhood, and who God designed us to be! It's very encouraging...even though it's non-fiction and probably not as interesting as the Twilight books. :)
I love your blog and visit you often! Keep up the wonderful writings.

Jenna said...

Have you read the Shopaholic Series? Thought I'd throw that out there!
Anyway, I stopped over from the Prayer Blog to let you know that you are in my prayers! It took my husband and I over two years to conceive and I know what it is like to deal with IF. Praying for your miracle!

Sarah said...

Thanks ladies for the comments! :)