Monday, December 22, 2008

Not Me Monday

MckMama has the cutest posts every Monday about things she did "not do", and it reminded me of the funny, idiotic, crazy things that I find myself "not doing"! Like this:

*I did not only put in one contact today, and I certainly did not take out the other one at work and proceed to walk around blindly all day.

*I did not spend my Panera gift card on lunch only to be repulsed at the smell of it.

*I did not leave most of Christmas wrapping until today.

*I did not win a sweet giveaway (more details to come)!

*I did not wear my boots to work today and then forget to bring my heels to change into.

*And lastly, I absolutely did not seriously fathom putting on my pj's and crawling back into bed the minute I got home.


mrs.leah.maria said...

I was notorious for forgetting my heels!

Kim said...

Hehe. I heart not me mondays!

LOL about the panera.

And yes, please, sweepstakes details!

Jaime said...

Too funny....=)

Ouch on the contacts...

Yeah let's hear about this giveaway...