Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snowy Sunday

My day with the girls at Naked Plates was put on hold due to the nasty weather. It;s only about 8 degrees out and with the wind chill, the temperature feels below zero. So I made a quick trip to the grocery store and then settled in for a day of sharpening my culinary skills (ha!).

I made these super easy no bake cookies called Haystacks. Yum...and of course, I licked the bowl.

I don't bake that often so no bakes seemed the way to go. Although I have some dough in the fridge so I can make Linzer Tarts later on, but that's going to be an interesting endeavor. And if they don't turn out, oh well. At least I gave it a try!

My mom stopped by with some treats for my dog Cami, as if she isn't spoiled enough, and my mom also happened to pick up this cute hat for me.

I normally don't wear hats because I think they look ridiculous on my small head, but this one actually looked decent! Thanks, Mom for everything.

I hope you guys are staying warm and cozy wherever you may be today and are enjoying your Sunday!


Holly said...

Cute hat! Your mom did good!

mrs.leah.maria said...

I loooooove haystacks!

You look too cute for words!

Jaime said...

Super cute hat. I think it looks good on ya.
I have never had haystacks. did you get it off that email you sent me?

Sarah said...

Jaime, yeah I got it off the email I sent you. I also made the Linzer tarts which were really good!