Monday, December 15, 2008

The Purpose of Christmas

Today I was snuggled on my couch, coffee brewing, snow and wind blowing hard outside, Christmas tree lit, and I was reading The Purpose of Christmas when I came across a part in the book that stopped me cold. It was an "aha!" moment.

It said this: "What, this past year, are you thankful to God for?" and "Since it's Jesus' birthday, what gift will you give him this next year?". These 2 questions really made me stop and think. I've made an effort this Christmas to appreciate the true meaning of Christmas, but I've never thought about what I'm going to give God this next year. Honestly, I've thought about what I want God to give me! I've really got it backwards, don't I? It's so easy to get caught in that trap of asking God for this, or asking Him for that.

I'm taking those questions very seriously. I know that I am thankful for my family, my husband, God, etc. But I am thankful for the times when I have been hurt, disappointed, and sad, because they have shown me that in my weakness, I am made strong. I am thankful for any struggles in my life because they give me a reason to hope. ANd although I have several things that I want to give to Jesus in the upcoming year, the one thing that stands out most is FAITH. Unwavering faith. Solid faith. 100% faith.


Krysta said...

Very good stuff there! I'm working on the same thing, but never thought about it as a gift to Him. Thank you for sharing this!

suzanne said...

Thank you Sarah for sharing this. It really makes you stop and think. Your blog is so inspiring.

AmberDenae said...

Sarah, thank you for reminding me of this. It is so true. I think we all get it backwards sometimes. We get in a "me me me" mindset that we forget to sit back and say "Lord, what can I do for YOU". You're an inspiration and you have such a beautiful heart! I'm so glad I found your blog!

Sweet Nothings said...

agreed. fabulous. Our homily at mass was around this idea as well