Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Thanks, Amber for tagging me!! Ok, so here goes:

The Rules:
*Link to the person who tagged you.
*Share 7 random/wierd facts about you.
*Tag 7 people at the end of the post, and include links to their blogs.

1. I don't like white socks. All I used to wear was white, but now I can't stand to even have white socks on my feet. I have no idea why this is. Maybe it's just a phase.

2. I love Italian food. I could eat pasta all day, every day. I never get sick of it.

3. I've been watching soap operas since I was a little girl. Currently, I still DVR General Hospital and All my Children. Even though this probably zaps hundreds of brain cells everyday, I can't miss them.

4. I have a phobia of going to the car wash. I don't mind if other people are driving, but if I have to take my own car, I freak out. This is why Mike has to wash my car for me.

5. Sometimes I get so nervous or flustered that I can't speak. Words come out of my mouth that aren't even in the English language. I could tell you some funny stories about this.

6. I am indecisive. I have the worst time making a decision. Not about big things, only small things, like what I want for dinner. Dinnertime is fun time at my house.

7. I am a total homebody. I could stay at home, curled up with a good book or movie any day of the week.

There you have it! 7 things you never knew about me, or maybe didn't want to know! Ha!

I am going to tag: Jaime, Stacy, Kim, Krysta, Holly, Becky and ??? (I don't have a seventh person!).


Becky said...

Thank you for tagging me Sarah! I've never been tagged before. It makes me feel like a real blogger. Awwww.

Holly said...

Yay! Thanks for tagging me! I will post it tomorrow! (I can't stand white socks anymore either!)

Krysta said...

Hey thanks for the tag! I enjoyed learning more about you. Look for mine in the near future!

AmberDenae said...

Great learning more about you!!

I am a total homebody as well!

jaime pott said...

here is my tag info....
nothing too exciting tho..hahaha