Friday, January 16, 2009

Random Friday

There's nothing like a quiet morning at home with the coffee brewing and my eyes glued to the computer screen as I catch up on some blog reading. Thank goodness today is Friday, my day off, and although I don't have any big plans for today, I am so happy to be home!

Driving home from work last night was an adventure in overcoming fears, that's for sure! I left work about 10:30 and the temperature was a frosty 4 degrees. With the wind chill, it had to be below zero. Mix that with some snow and you have icy roads. I kept debating whether or not I should take the highway home, or take the back roads home which would mean a MUCH longer drive home. I decided to chance it, and took the highway, but you better believe it was with intense fear. So I inched onto the highway at 20mph, and stayed at that speed. The whole time I was praying to Jesus like it was the end of my life! I totally resorted back to the Scripture verse I posted yesterday because man, I was feelin' like there was no better time for it. And He pulled me through it. I would have gotten down on my hands and knees when I finally got out of the car, but well, it was a little too cold and snowy for that!

Another TGIF---one of my favorite shows is coming back tonight!
I never thought I would like this show. I thought it was just a show about a football crazed small town in Texas and I'm never going to like it. I was so wrong. I love it.

And now, for a shamless plug for my chica Jaime over at Jaime Pott Photography! Jaime is having a special for January that you must check out. Jaime also does reviews for Simple and she would love to give away a free pair of boots from KEEN. These boots are so darn cute, and we Michigan girls could really use them since the temps are so bone chilling cold!

Happy Friday everyone! Stay warm....

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Jaime said...

Thanks girl for the plug. Aren't those Keen boots awesome. I am seriously in love with them...hahaha

The roads were horrible this mornings. It took me an hour to get to my moms house...and well it only take about 20 minutes normally. There were 2 accidents on the way. And that whole mess on 131 South was crazy....I saw it on the way to my moms and told myself that I was NOT going back that way.....5 accidents in a row....The minute I got on the road this morning my hands griped to the steering wheel so hard, I was so nervous. Anytime I hit the brakes I would slide. And what do we have coming...more snow. Yikes.