Sunday, February 8, 2009


So here's the dilemma. Mike and I have a friend who is getting married in June in Jamaica. He would like his friends to be there, and of course, we would like to be there. However, we've been to Jamaica before and we were not really thrilled with it, and said we would never go back. Not to mention that the money we would use to pay for this little vacation would be coming from our tax return. Money that was going to go for siding on our house. Plus, I would only really want to go if our other friends were going as well.

When we were told how much the trip was going to cost, we immediately said no. It was crazy expensive! Well, then another friend of ours did some digging and found that we could actually go on the trip for 1/2 the amount we were told. Now, it has become affordable. Now, I kind of want to go. Who knows? It may be the last vacation we have for a while.

Yet I can't help thinking that this vacation is not a necessity, whereas home improvement projects are. We'd be investing money into our home. Ugh... I am indecisive as it is, but then I see pictures like this:

Seeing that makes me want to book the darn vacation. Like yesterday!


Jaime said...

I know what you mean. I want a vacation so bad.

I would would be fun...and well home improvements are always there...LOL

I agree tho that Jamacia isn't the greatest. We went once and said we would never go back.

Would be fun if other friends were going too.

Good luck on your decision.

AmberDenae said...

Hmmm. Tough decision.

Maybe Jamaica would be fun this time with friends and a wedding?

But then again, your home improvements are something you've been working toward and will last you much longer.

Shoot, I'd probably go to Jamaica though! haha

Becky said...

Is the siding cracked and falling off the house? If not, then I say live a little and put off that home improvement project a wee bit longer. I remember not too long ago you were really wishing for some time in a tropical locale! So I say, go for it!