Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1.) Only 12 weeks until my vacation! It sure needs to hurry up already, although the thought of my showing off my VERY white body while wearing a bikini is a little scary. (and I say 12 weeks like it's right around the corner, even though it's definitely not.)

2.) I just picked up Pearl Jam's re-issue of their first album Ten, which instantly brought me back to 9th grade and my love of all things grunge. I recall desperately wanting to relocate to a high school in Seattle.

3.) Speaking of Pearl Jam, I heard a little rumor that they are going to be playing Austin City Limits, along with Dave Matthews and the Beastie Boys. This is right up me and Mike's music alley, so I'm checking on the details. I think airfare would have to come down --A LOT-- for us to even seriously consider going. Darn it.

4.) My cell phone contract is up in April, so I am checking out new phones. I saw the Blackberry Curve, and I like it, but am having a hard time deciding if I really NEED it. It would be cheaper for me to get just a basic phone, but the Blackberry can do so many other things (I think). Still pondering....

5.) You have to watch this video on Kelly's blog called Laminin. It gave me goosebumps.

6.) Things are a little better at work. Our DM stopped in the other day, and talked to me about everything that has been going on. He reassured me that my job is not in jeopardy, but I still feel anxious about going to work everyday.

7.) Cheryl---this one's for you! I have been loving my new Scentsy warmer. I turn it on when I get home from work, I have it on before I go to work. I should have ordered some other scents, because now I want to try them all! Beach and Skinny Dippin' smell so summery...

8.) There must be something in the water. Within the last 2 months or so, 3 girls at work have announced they are pregnant. Crazy. I am super happy for them. Truly, I am, but it still stings a little. I know, I know...someday it will be my turn.

9.) Even though the temps haven't exactly been warm, I have worn open toed shoes to work more than once. I can't wait for warm weather. My flip-flops are calling to me.

10.) Looking forward to having this weekend off!

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