Thursday, May 7, 2009

National Day of Prayer

I was reminded this morning, (as I was sitting in the drive thru at Biggby) that today is the National Day of Prayer. I can only say that I know that my prayer life has definitely changed over the years, and am I soooo glad for it. Prayer has become a blessing in my life rather than a hindrance. It's funny...I look back on my childhood and even my teen years where my prayers were only of the pleading sort."Please God, let me pass this math test, and I will do anything you want." or "Please God, do not let me get into trouble. I'll go to church every single Sunday for the rest of my life!". Oh, the prayers of my youth.

I am so grateful that my prayer life has gotten to a place where I don't feel bound by it, but freed by it.

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Lyryn said...

Amen Sister... keep praying! Because when people pray, God does amazing things!