Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I don't know what it is, but there is something about this week that has me feeling so hopeful. Maybe it's the weather, or the nearness of my vacation, but I can't help but feel optimistic about the path stretching out in front me. It feels so good to put away the worries of yesterday and to think about all the possibilities that could be right around the corner. I told myself that I am not going to think about the what if"s in my life, and be thankful for what already is. I am surprising myself, because it is so not like to me to be this optimistic, and I think I have been letting myself drown in the sadness of what I don't have in my life (i.e. a baby). I am ready to change my outlook, say yes to opportunity, to believe the desires that God put in my heart and to just live.


Becky said...

Awesome! You take that new attitude and RUN with it, darlin'! Just soak up every little ounce of happiness that God sends your way.
To EVERYthing there is a season, and a time for EVERY purpose under heaven. That is a promise from your Father to you!
Lots of hugs to you from me!

Krysta said...

That is great news! It makes me smile to read your post! :)

Andrea said...

Peace that surpasses all understanding :)

Glad to hear you're feeling hopeful!