Saturday, January 2, 2010

Holiday Recap/15 Weeks

I finally did it! I took a belly shot of myself for my 15 week Post (yeah, I know it's a little late). I was able to do it because my parents got Mike and I a camera for Christmas! Best gift and most needed gift since our last camera has been broken for so long now. Thanks Mom and Dad!

Our Christmas was great, and as usual, the best part was spending time with our families. I was a little sad this Christmas, just thinking about my Christmases as a kid, and wishing for a small moment, that I could go back in time. I really miss Christmas at my grandparents house, and it makes me a little sad that my kids won't know them or what it was like to spend holidays there. But I am so thankful that they will grow up having Christmas with my parents and Mike's parents and we'll make new traditions. Next Christmas will be so fun!

As for New Year's Eve, well, I spent it sleeping. I fell asleep on the couch and Mike woke me up at 9:30 to tell me to go to bed. I didn't need much convincing, and so off I went. Mike did wake me up again at about 10 minutes until midnight so we could watch the ball drop. So I rang in the New Year with a kiss from the hubby and back to sleep I went. Pretty uneventful, but that's ok!

Anyway, so here is the belly shot and my 15 week Pregnancy Highlights. (Did I mention that I really want to redo my bathroom in the New Year?)

How Far Along: 15 weeks

Total Weight Gain
: Not sure, but I would have to guess a few pounds. ???

I LOVE SLEEP! It's no problem for a little nap to turn into a 2 hour nap. And I am usually asleep by 10. I feel like such an old lady!

Best Moment this Week
: Really feeling like my baby bump is out there! Getting a lot of comments about how my belly is starting to pop out.

Don't know yet, but I have a feeling that at least one of the babies is a girl. I could be wrong, and I don't know why I feel this way, but I'm going with it. Most of our friends and family are predicting a boy and a girl.

None that I can feel. I c
an't wait for that!

Food Craving
: Rice Krispies, Milk, Fruit, anything super sweet.

What I Miss
: Fitting into my work pants--you know, the cute ones they have at Express? Um, yeah, can't even button them. Any of them. I've been wearing the belly band, but it's not cutting it. I did give in and go to Motherhood Maternity, and bought some cute pants for work, but it's just not the same.

What I'm Looking Forward to
: Starting to work on the nursery. Mike and I have some major work to do in our spare room, which up until this point has been the place we put everything that doesn't really have a home (i.e. the spare dresser, my cedar chest, my jewelry armoire, the ironing board). I am anxious to get it done!

Weekly Wisdom
: Enjoy every moment of your pregnancy. And I am. Overall, I am feeling really good, and loving being pregnant.

Tired, harder to bend down, harder to get out of the bathtub, etc. I find myself out of breath more easily and it's getting more difficult to work long hours at work.

Well, I hope everyone is having a good weekend! Tomorrow I have a lunch date with Jeanie and Cheryl and I can't wait to see them!


Becky said...

Hey Sarah! So nice to hear from you on my blog, and yes, I also can't believe I'm pregnant. My stars. Who would have guessed we'd be pregnant at the same time? I think it's way cool. Even though I'm not quite to the ecstatic point yet. I'll get there, when this terrible nausea dies down.
As for feeling movement, girlfriend, you are CLOSE. I first felt Will at 17 weeks. It was just the tiniest flutter but it was unmistakably HIM. I was so thrilled to feel him, and the movements got stronger and stronger each day, it seemed. I think with twins, you might feel a TON!
Also, for some reason, I have a feeling your babies are a boy and a girl. I had that feeling from the first! But then, I was convinced that Will was a girl, so I might not be the best predictor.
No matter what, you will love your babies within an inch of their lives. That's what I tell Will all the time, "I love you within an inch of your life." Motherhood is truly the greatest blessing and I'm so very deeply thankful that you are getting to experience it! I agree with that good advice, enjoy every minute of this!
Lots of hugs!

Chea said...

You give me hope! Congrats on twins- I hope I'll be there one day!

Jaime said...

I love the picture...You are so cute...are you going to find out what you are having?