Thursday, February 4, 2010

Week 20

I think I am starting the period of my pregnancy where uncomfortable is becoming a very familiar word. For the life of me, I cannot seem to get comfy when going to sleep at night. I even bought this, hoping it would help.
It's not really helping. I thought last night I would have an awesome night of sleep since I would have the whole bed to myself. Well, almost, if you count the dog. Mike went out of town with some friends for a concert, and I was looking forward to sprawling out. It didn't happen, and no matter which way I laid, it was not conducive to being comfy. So here I am, at 9:15 in the morning, when I could be sleeping in! Thought I would do my Week 20 Pregnancy Post since I am WIDE awake.

I really need a tan, not to mention cleaning the finger smudges on the mirror. Yikes!

Here's my Pregnancy Highlights for Week 20!

How Far Along: 20 Weeks

Total Weight Gain: 20 Lbs. Yes, that's right. I have gained a total of 20 lbs since this pregnancy started. Don't get me wrong, I really don't care about the weight, since I am supposed to put on about a total of 50 lbs or so, but when I got on the scale at the doctor's office, I was a little surprised to see what the scale said.

Sleep: Having trouble getting comfortable, and I wake up at the oddest times and can't fall back asleep.

Best Moment This Week: Feeling the babies move! They are starting to move more often, or maybe I am more aware of it. Yesterday they were so active!

Genders: Girls.

Movement: YES! It's the best feeling in the world. ALthough, I worry a little when I don't feel them moving that much. That's normal, right?

Food Craving: Oreo cookies, milk.

What I Miss: Coffee and a comfortable bra (I am having the worst luck finding one. I think I've purchased 4 bras and none of them feel right).

Looking Forward To: Starting on the nursery. Already bought the bedding, just need to decide on paint color. There is a color in the Pottery Barn catalog that I love, but can't seem to find it anywhere. Suggestions?

Weekly Wisdom: Remember to rest! Just because you are feeling more energetic doesn't mean that you shouldn't slow down and take a breather.

Symptoms: Pain in my ribcage, ever-growing belly (feels like it gets bigger everyday), feeling uncomfortable in whatever I wear.

I had a doctor's appointment this past Thursday for a quick check-up, and everything seems to be going well. Dr. Wisebaker is sending me to a Maternal Fetal Medicine doc for another ultrasound on the 12th, just to have a second opinion. There's nothing wrong, but since I am having twins, she wants to be extra cautious. She also is taking me off of work at 27 weeks, so my last day of work will be March 25. I was anxious to tell my boss, but she was very understanding and wants to see me have 2 healthy babies!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, and have fun to those of you who will be watching the Super Bowl! I've gotta get ready for breakfast with my parents, and then off to work. Have a great day!


Laura said...

Aw. I hope you get some good sleep SOON! You look great! (I'm new to your blog, so hi!)

Sarah said...

Hi Laura! Thanks for stopping by!

Becky said...

Hey Sarah,

I'm unfamiliar with carrying twins, but I can at least tell you my experiences with my singleton!

1) The discomfort is only going to get worse. Not trying to discourage you, just letting you know that from here on out, this will probably be your second-biggest battle.
2) Your first biggest battle will be the mind games. If the babies don't move for a few hours at a time, or you feel it's been too long, you will be very tempted to worry. I remember talking to my doctor about this and she told me that at this stage in your pregnancy (before 3rd trimester), you can go a couple days without feeling movement. When you get into 3rd trimester, you really should feel movement a lot more often. Anyway, my point is, you will have to try not to worry and trust the Lord for the safety of your babies. This is where trusting the Lord with your children really begins. When they come out, it gets even harder, so get going now, you know what I mean? :)
3) Bras. Have you been re-measured since you became pregnant? I changed sizes a couple times during my pregnancy, so getting measured is very important. And if you're planning to nurse, it's a very wise decision to go ahead and buy nursing bras in your correct size. Bras are so expensive, but Motherhood Maternity has some good nursing bras that aren't too bad money-wise.
4) Just wanted to let you know that you can always shoot me an email and complain about any of the discomforts, because girl, I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND. I had terrible insomnia and leg cramps and anemia and you name it in my last trimester, and I was just so miserable all the time and I wanted someone to listen to me! Ha! So I would always be happy to listen and tell you that yes, it does end!

You're doing a GREAT job! Halfway there, congratulations!!!


Sandy Hop said...

Sarah, You look great! Color from the catalog- if its a big enough section, you can have it color matched at Home Depot. They have a computer that will do just that. Make sure they dry it before you purchase it, though. They can still make changes if you haven't purchased it yet.

Andrea said...

You look great!! Don't worry about the weight gain...I was up 20 lbs at my 20 week appointment and I'm only having one! :)

I found the MOST comfortable bras EVER! I usually buy my undergarments from Victoria's Secret but since I didn't want to drop a lot of money, I tried on some department store bras and absolutely fell in love with Warner's Up a Cup bras I bought them soley for the fact that they are insanely comfortable and have great coverage. I bought three of them right away and haven't reached for any other bras since. Give them a try...I'm sure you'll love them.

Melissa said...

Aw, you look great!!

Your jeans are so cute too, where did you find them??

Sarah said...

Melissa, believe it or not, I found them at Motherhood Maternity. I bought them a couple months ago, not really needing them at the time. They are really cute, but they tend to run on the shorter side. They look great with flats or a really low pair of shoes, but anything with a heel does not work (not that I am running around in heels these days!).

Melissa said...

Sarah, I just now saw your reply!! Are these the jeans you found at motherhood??