Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Weekend in review

The past week has been a busy one! I have my store's annual inventory tonight, so the past week at work has been long as I have been getting ready. All I want to do when I get home from work is put on my pajamas and lay on the couch!

This past Friday I met with a Maternal fetal specialist and had another ultrasound. Dr. Wisebaker wanted me to see a specialist just as a second opinion since we are having twins. The babies look great, although sometimes those ultrasounds can be unnerving! It was like I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, holding my breath, praying that everything would be ok. And it was! Baby A has a slight heart murmur, but Dr. Fee said that it was normal at this stage and it will correct itself. She said we have two beautiful and healthy girls!

Saturday my mom and I headed to Detroit to do some shopping and to get my sister in law Heather's help with my baby registry. All I can say is that my mom and I found some awesome bargains at The Children's Place. Everything we bought was under $3!! The closet in the nursery is starting to fill up!

We were lucky to find 2 of everything in the sizes we wanted, which is sometimes hard to do when shopping clearance. And of course, we had to make a stop at the Carters outlet. I really wanted to find some preemie clothing because I think these babies may be little peanuts when they are born (can you see the baby bump at the bottom of the picture? Couldn't really keep it out of the way!)

My mom also surprised me with a gift card to Design One so I can get a pedicure. Oh, my feet need it so bad. Love ya mom!

Well, I am off to take a nap since I have to be to work tonight at 6. Hopefully it won't be too long of an evening and inventory runs smoothly!

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Jaime said...

I love all those clothes. So hard to resist isn't it.

I love the bump too...too funny.

OHHHH I am DYING for a jealous.