Thursday, April 29, 2010

What a Day

Yesterday did not turn out the way I planned it.

I had a routine doctor's appointment scheduled and then my mom and I were going to grab some lunch. However, at my apointment, my blood pressure was high, and after re-taking it 3 times, Dr. Wisebaker decided to send me to the hopsital for further evaluation. That in and of itself was enough to make my blood pressure go up!

At the hospital, they hooked me to some monitors and basically just watched me for roughly 2 hours. My blood pressure dropped and the babies looked great, so that was good. My blood work showed my kidneys aren't filtering as well as they should, so I have to do this lovely 24 hour urine collection. ANd let me tell you how fun it is!

I am going back today for another NST and hopefully will also get the results from my 24 catch. I just have a feeling that these babies are going to be coming sooner rather than later!

Thanks for all the prayers from my friends and loved ones. I appreciate it so much

UPDATE** Mike and I got home about an hour ago from our second trip to the hospital. Blood Pressure kept fluctuating, but remained steady and low once I was on my left side. My lab results showed that I am definitely mildly pre-eclamptic, so they have me on bedrest, and I have to take my blood pressure 2x a day and watch for other symptoms. They also gave me a steroid shot and I have to go back tomorrow for the 2nd one. I guess they just want to be on the safe side in case my pre-eclampsia goes from mild to severe in a short amount of time and the steroids will hopefully help mature the babies lungs.


Shelby said...

Oh Sarah! Look at us in the exact same boat! :) What are we gonna do with our little stinkers! I'm so happy that my BP is still good but I worry that it will go up.... now it will cuz I'm worried! LOL.. Anyway, good luck at your NST today. I'll be checking back for an update.

Sandy said...

praying for you and your little ladies!

Melissa said...

im praying for you and the babies!! keep up updated :)

Mommato2miracles said...

Hugs!!! Praying for you! I had two pregnancies affected by pre-eclampsia and HELLP syndrome. I know it is scary, but enjoy the bedrest!!!! It is all worth it in the end. You will be running around soon and remember back to the days when you got to lay around. God will see you through this!