Monday, May 3, 2010

Random Monday

Totally random thoughts on this Monday...

*I thought I was doing so well with not getting too many stretch marks. Ha!! This week is seems they have popped out in full force. And they itch terribly. I don't even know what to do with myself and the itching. I've been walking around with my shirt rolled up and my pants as low as they can go, all the while slathering on the cocoa butter to try and get some relief. It's a good thing that I don't really leave the house!

*My nursery is almost done, but I am having the hardest time deciding what I want to do with the walls. At least I have the furniture up, the bedding washed and put on, the closet organized. It's just a matter of finding some inspiration for decorating!

*I really have been wanting a hand stamped necklace with the girls' names on it. Yes that means that we have decided on names! We're keeping them under wraps until they are born though (sorry!). But I am loving this necklace from Julie the Fish designs--check her out on Etsy!

*I just feel so blessed that I have an amazing support group of family and friends. My sweet hubby has taken on ALL of the cleaning, helping with laundry, making dinner, getting groceries. I love this man. My girlfriend Jeanie came over this past Saturday just to hang out and watch a movie. My sweet friend Cheryl brought me over a gorgeous flower and a HUGE bag of candy when I was having a bad day. My long time friends Laura and Jaime call and text just to see how I am doing. My girlfriend Meredith kidnaps me for a quick lunch to our favorite Mexican place (hello bean dip!). And my mom has been out of this world! She helps out whenever she can, doing whatever she can, like doing a lot of our laundry, taking me to dr. appointments, etc. I am unbelievably grateful...

*I am thinking of reading The Help. Has anyone read it? Even though I am reading a couple other books right now, for some reason, I feel the need to add another one to my pile. I know, I am crazy!

See? My mind is all over the place today. I think I might be getting a little spring fever!


Lynne said...

I read the The Help and loved it, and as a seasoned book blogger I haven't seen one bad comment or review from anyone. You know, usually you get mixed reviews on books...some like it, some don't. But again, I think everyone who read The Help really enjoyed it.

Just a follower here who enjoys watching your belly (babies) grow :) I didn't have twins, but at 10 pounds my son may as well have been.

Chea said...

I am reading The Help now and it's not too bad. The dialect in the book is definitely Beaufor! You will love that part!

Can't wait to find out the girl's names so I can send you a special personalized gift!

Glad you are resting!

Sandy said...

Sarah- You're doing awesome! Home stretch! (no pun intended w/ the stretch marks, but kinda funny none the less). Can't wait to hear the lady's names!

Shelby said...

Hey, just checking in on you. You haven't updated for a while so I hope things are going well. Can't wait for you to post again to see what's going on in your world!