Thursday, May 20, 2010

Not what I planned



Those are just two of the many emotions I am feeling at this very moment. I know also, that this too shall pass, as they say.

My OB appt today did not go the way I had envisioned. I thought for sure I was going to walk out of there with a plan on when and how we were going to bring these babies into the world. That didn't happen. We are still on the "let's play it by ear" plan, and it is extremely uncomforting. Dr. Wisebaker is still counting on me making it to 37 weeks (which is fine) and then we'll see what the birth plan is.

I guess it doesn't matter that one baby is 8lbs 10oz already. I guess we're going to see how big we can get her to be, and then if she flips head down, I have to suffer with pushing out a 9lb + baby. Yikes. I am not picturing a good time there.

Once again, I am finding out that my plan is not always God's plan. We just have to wait and see what He has in store.


kimberly said...

congrats on making it so far already! i'm a couple of weeks behind you but i can totally relate to being uncomfortable. best wishes!

Dana said...

Just keep prayed up, it will help you through the pain. I think that we all have to learn that our plan is not always what God has in store for us.

Jaime said...

OH MAN. I wish they had a plan for you. At this point is there even room for the babies to flip? Doesn't sound like it. Ugh...I am praying for ya and hope things move along soon. HUGS!!!

Becky said...

Hey there,
I'm a little alarmed to read this. A baby (a TWIN for that matter) who is already measuring past 8 pounds at the 35-week mark is a BIG baby. Any number of doctors I know would qualify that and that alone as an automatic C-section if the mama was wanting it. Thing is, doctors usually don't want to deliver large babies because they can do a lot of damage coming out, and that means cutting and suturing and lots more healing time. (Trust me on this one, my sister vaginally delivered an 11-pound baby, had some follow-up surgery, and probably needs ANOTHER follow-up surgery to repair everything.) Not saying your babe will make it to 11 pounds, but even MY doctors agreed that with my body type, I wouldn't have been able to vaginally deliver my 8-pound son (a week early).
Not saying all of this to scare you, I just want you to have a SAY in what happens. Your doctor is your doctor, but he's only HALF the team here. You are the other HALF, and you get a SAY in how things go. If you are uncomfortable with the plan, please feel free to speak up and say, "Look, this is NOT working for me, I want to discuss alternatives."
I just want you to be empowered to have the delivery that YOU want to have. You are carrying twins, and one of them is large; I can't imagine a doctor not adhering to your wishes if you want a C-section regardless.
Praying for you.