Monday, May 24, 2010

Hot Hot Hot

It seems that summer really has arrived! Talk about a HOT day, but seriously, I am not complaining. Rmember, I'm the girl that complains about all the snow, driving in the winter weather and all cold weather related topics? So I am loving the heat wave! Although, I am not really spending any time outside. I was however, tempted to buy a kiddie pool and just spend the day in it, just lounging and eating a box of popsicles (and I really could eat an entire box right now).

Mike and I were just talking today about how we feel like old people! Years ago, on a day as hot as this one, we would have been all about going to the beach, or finding something to do outside. Now, we sit at home and enjoy our air conditioning. I think part of the reason is me being pregnant. It is way too hot and humid for me to spend any long period of time outside. Not to mention that I am supposed to be taking it easy and keep off my feet. But I did enjoy some strawberry shortcake out on my deck this afternoon! I tell ya, it's the small things in life that make me happy these days!

Speaking of summer, I am ready for some summer tv viewing! I finally watched the season finale of Grey's and about had a heart attack within the first 5 minutes. So good! All I need now is some new shows to keep me entertained until my little ladies make their grand appearance. Like, The Bachelorette. Sometimes watching that show is like watching a train wreck, but I can't help but get sucked in. I am hoping this season is better than last season's let down (can you believe Jake and Vienna are still together? Who woulda thought?). Well, I hope you ladies are staying cool today!


Shelby said...

Ugh! Summer? I wish!! It's been snowing here in Salt Lake City all day! Blech- I HATE it!!!!

Melissa said...

I love summer too! Although, it's not as much fun when you're preggo...I'll miss not being able to lay out in a bikini by the pool this year but *sigh* maybe next summer!

Sandy said...

I DON'T HAVE AIR!!! And I am not a warm weather person...give me spring and fall anyday! I love the frequent updates, though...keep em coming!

Patrick and Megan said...

New follower here! Praying for you today :)