Thursday, May 27, 2010

Week 36-Baring It All

I got the best news at my doctor's appointment today! I am going to have my girls next week! It will be either the 2nd or the 3rd. I am just waiting for the scheduler to call me to make the arrangements. Dr. Wisebaker took one look at me today and said we were making a plan, and of course, I wasn't going to argue with her. The babies are still breech, so we are going with the C-section. The idea that I am going to be a mom in a week or so is beyond exciting. I cannot wait to hold my babies!

So up until this point, in my pregnancy higlights posts, I have put up a pic of me. This week, I decided to show the bare belly, more so for my own documentation than for anything else. Now I know why people stop me and make comments! Not only is my belly big, but it is hanging SO low, so it looks like I am ready to deliver at any moment. I wonder if I will miss the belly after I have the girls. Maybe there will come a time that I will, but right now, I am ready to not have the belly! I am ready to have the babies here.

How Far Along: 36 weeks

Total Weight Gain: 58 lbs

Sleep: I slept great last night! But overall, it has not been good.

Best Moment This Week: Scheduling my C-section. It feels so good to have a plan in place as to when they are going to arrive!

Gender: Girls

Movement: Yes! I swear they have been having a party in my belly lately, and now I feel more of their knees, elbows and feet.

Food Craving: Coke, lemonade

What I Miss: Not being itchy. The itchiness got better and then this week, it has come back with a vengence, but only on my stomach.

What I'm looking Forward to: Holding my babies

Weekly Wisdom: Don't forget who got you here in the first place. God has blessed us immensely!

Symptoms: lack of sleep, moments of random nausea, tired all the time.


Melissa said...

Congrats on the great news, Sarah! I am so happy for you!! You look so great and your belly is amazing! Can't wait to see baby pictures and all that good stuff!

Patrick and Megan said...

I love your belly!! God is good :) Can't wait for you to hold your babes.

Sandy said...

YEAH!!! I can't wait to see pictures of the ladies!!!

Becky said...

FANTASTIC news to hear!!! I'm so so so so so glad that the C-section is planned and the end in sight. Honey, you are ready to POP!!!

I will be waiting to hear the delivery news; I can NOT wait to know their names and weights and all those fun stats. You take good care of yourself these last few days and sleep as much as possible. I'm so excited for you!!!

Shelby said...

Yay! I'm sure it feels great to see the finish line. I hear ya on the itchy belly.. OMG mine started to really itch this week and I have a rash all over it. NOT FUN! Oh the things we go through to get our babies! :) Good luck! So excited for you! Love the belly!

Katie said...

You looked so amazing!! Do you by chance remember how big around you belly was???