Wednesday, June 30, 2010

One Month

Morgan and Taylor are a month old!

Mike and I were just talking the other night about the fact that we can't believe it's been a month. He thinks it went by fast, and I tend to sway the other way. I think there have been days that have passed by so quickly, but there have definitely been those days when I thought the sun would never go down. The first 2 weeks seemed to go by slow, probably because I was still in some pain and an emotional wreck, and didn't know what the heck I was doing as a new mom. The last 2 weeks have been so much better! I'm not crying at a drop of a hat, I am finally getting used to sleeping in 2.5 to 3 hour intervals, and I am settling into a routine.

Sometimes I just look at my girls and feel so overwhelmed by how much I love them. Unconditionally. Completely. God really knows what He is doing!

At a month old, the girls already have little personalities. And they are very different, which I love.


*Medium reddish brown hair and blue eyes

*Cuddly baby

*Always looking around

*Dramatic--she can go from being dead asleep to a full on scream in 2 seconds flat.

*I thought she looked like Mike at first, but now I think she looks like a combination of several people on my side of the family (my mom, my grandparents).


*Light brown hair (kind of blondish on top) and dark blue eyes.

*Very serious

*Looks like she is in deep thought all of the time.

*She is going to be a hand talker when she grows up, I think. She is always waving her arms and hands around.

*Very laid back and easy going. Not a big crier unless she is hungry.

*She looks like Mike, especially in the eyes. I call her Daddy's twin!

It's amazing how fast they are growing already. Just yesterday I had to put away the newborn sizes (Taylor didn't wear them anyway!) and I couldn't believe that Morgan was already out of newborn sizes. At their one month checkup today, Morgan weighed 8 lbs 6 oz and Taylor weighed 10 lbs. 15 oz. They are eating the same amount right now and are still on the same feeding schedule, although Taylor seems to be able to wait a little longer at night between feedings. She actually slept for 6 hours the other night! Morgan, on the other hand, is an eating maniac. Every 2.5 hours she wants to eat, and even sometimes after that we have to give her a little more because she is still hungry! It's like she is trying to catch up to her sister!

It will be exciting to see how they change and grow in the next month. I am hoping they will start to sleep a little longer at night!