Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Ride

Morgan and Taylor need a new ride.

Well, actually, their parents do. We have been a one car family for over a month now, and up until this point, it has been do-able. When I was still pregnant, we decided that we would need to get a newer and bigger vehicle once we had the twins, and so, we sold Mike's car to his sister and he took over my car. Now that we have the girls and I am going back to work in August, it is time for us to get a new vehicle. I have to admit that it will be sooooo nice to have another car again. Not that I am going to be going too many places with the girls, but it's the fact that I will have a car available if I need it.

Which brings us to the discussion of what kind of car to get.

Everyone keeps telling us that we should be getting a mini-van. If only you could have seen the look on my face when I heard that. I am not really a fan of the mini-van! I am way too young to be driving a mini-van! Right? Well, that's what I was thinking, until I thought about the pros and cons of driving a mini-van versus a car. The idea of more space is so appealing! But we have also been considering an SUV. Do we really need all that space right now, or should we wait for a couple of years and then get a mini-van?

I don't know yet what our decision is going to be, because we are still considering the pros and cons. But I do know that I feel a little better about the idea of driving a mini-van. I guess it's about being practical rather than driving a "cool" looking car.


Andrea said...

I'm jealous over here. After having Eli, I desperately want a new ride. Having a car seat in my little Nissan is just too cramped.

I'm right there with you about the mini van. I was and still kind of am against them but I've seen some decent ones that don't necessarily scream soccer mom. Either's a new car, right? :)

Anonymous said...

An article you might find interesting:

Personally, I love my F150 crew cab. Have plenty of space for 3 carseats (even if they are the rear-facing convertible seats) and keep all my gear (double stroller, etc.) in the back with a shell to protect from the weather. Had an SUV but hated to hear the gear rattling around.

Kim said...

I said it before. I love my town and country. And I'm younger than you, so no, your not to old for a minivan. The conveniance is amazing, the space is wonderful. and the gas milage isn't bad at all. We went to missouri over the weekend and I averaged about 28 miles to the gallon! and sitting up higher is nice to, I sit higher in my van than my inlaws Jeep Commander.

Erin Whitney said...

We currently only have a 3 year old, but we are trying to get pregnant again. We just bought a Toyota Sienna. I NEVER thought I would drive a mini-van, but wow that thing is GREAT! So much room, a back up camera, tons of room. I love having a mini-van! :)