Thursday, September 16, 2010

Baptism day

May God shine His grace upon you,

Light each pathway you will tread,

Bring you joy, and guard you always

Now and through the years ahead.

That was the front of a sweet card that the girls received for their baptism. I'm a little behind on posting, but they were baptized on September 5. It was truly a special day for us, and Mike and I were so happy that our family was able to be with us and celebrate their christening!

Taylor showing a little leg! And Morgan was a little sleepy.

My sister in law Heather and my brother Paul were Morgan's godparents. Of course, she's still sleeping! The child rarely sleeps during the day, and then we take her to church and she sleeps most of the time. Go figure.

My Uncle Rick and Aunt Karen were Taylor's godparents. I don't know what in the world Taylor was looking at in this picture!

My parents with the girls. Morgan still sleeping dispite all the pictures, and Taylor in the middle of a meltdown because she was ready to eat. Usually, it's the other way around!!

Mike's mom and dad. This picture makes me laugh, because Taylor just has this look on her face.

It was such a blessed day. I want nothing more than for Morgan and Taylor to be strong in their faith and to be able to know a life that is God-centered. I pray that I will be able to teach them that they can go to God with anything, and teach them the power of prayer. I pray that God will bless their lives now and forever!

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Melissa said...

your baby girls are adorable!! :)