Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Adventures in Parenting

I knew that when the girls made their grand entrance into our lives, that Mike and I would have no real idea of what we were doing. Sure, there is always the common sense stuff, but after that, we have just kind of been winging it. I don't think there is any way to prepare parents for what's going to happen once the baby comes. You just roll with it, and deal with it as it happens.
Well, that common sense stuff I was talking about? Sometimes I think that all common sense tends to go out the window.
Take today's journey to Carter's for example.
I haven't been strapping the girls into their stroller because usually they are so good and don't try to get out of the stroller. Until today.
Lesson learned today? STRAP YOUR CHILD INTO THEIR STROLLER AT ALL TIMES. My common sense was completely absent and I didn't even bother to think that I would need to strap them in. It's never been a problem before, so why should it be this time? Wrong.
I turned around to see something that my mom was holding up, and there went Morgan. Onto the floor. ANd crying. She slipped out of the stroller in literally 5 seconds flat, and I was scared and mortified all at once. People were staring as I cried out, "Oh my Gosh! She fell out of the stroller!". Yeah I get Mom of the Year award for that one. And yes, she is ok. I think it scared her more than anything.
And the Adventures in Parenting continue...

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