Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everyone!

The girls had a wonderful 1st Easter! We started off our morning by going to church, and I was so thankful that my parents were there with us since we needed the extra hands to help hold babies. Taylor did awesome, and was pretty quiet the whole time, while Morgan was on the fussy side and refused to sit still. I think she was just cranky from being tired, and finally at the end of mass, she fell asleep on my mom's shoulder. We ran home so the girls could take a quick nap, and then it was back to my parents' house for lunch.

I was so glad the sun came out for a while! It was nice to not have a rainy and cold Easter. We were able to push the girls in the swings for a little bit, which they loved.

And of course, their 1st Easter wouldn't be complete without Easter baskets!

(I love how Morgan's hair bow is all twisted on her cute little head! Hey, I'm lucky she kept it in. Usually, she pulls it out once we get in the car! oh and yes, they have on Babylegs, which I put on once we got out of church since they would be crawling all over the place!)

We completed our Easter with dinner at Mike's mom's. His grandparents were there, and it was nice to see them since we don't get the chance to all that often. I know it meant a lot to Mike to see them and for Mike to show off his baby girls.

So the babies are off to bed, and I am feeling so blessed. I love watching T and M experience new things, and Easter was no different. Getting to see the world through their eyes is one of the highlights of being a mom. Yeah, M was a slightly crazy in church, and no, I once again didn't take the best pictures, but I had the best time just being with my family and celebrating. Great day!


Jaime said...

Oh my gosh they look so cute. I am so glad you had a great day!! Happy Easter!

Kim said...

So Adorable! I can't believe how big they're getting! We are going to be home for a visit in a few weeks, would love to meet up with you and meet the girls!

Becky said...

PLEASE tell me how you look so amazingly skinny! I need to lose the baby weight (still) and you look so fantastic!