Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What I'm Lovin Wednesday

Lyndsie over at A Love Worth Waiting For usually does this on Wednesday and I am always curious as to what others are really into these days. So here is what I'm loving today!

1.) Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

Makes you wonder what's in our school's lunches! Seriously, Jamie needs to do a Food Revolution in my house. We aren't exactly eating the healthiest these days. Well, the girls are. But Mike and I need to cut out a lot of the junk food. Oh but it's hard. Especially when the M&M's call my name.

2.) Pom Pom Flowers

Since I am in party planning mode for M and T's 1st birthday, I am all about decorations lately. These pretty little pom pom flowers caught my eye and I am thinking they are definitely going to be part of the decor.

3.) Loving this book! I am one of those people who are always wondering why others seem to"hear" God and I can't? Well, learning that He speaks to everyone, it's just whether or not we are actually listening! Such an interesting read, and it's been doing my spirit some good, which is what I need!
4.) Pottery Barn chairs for kids! I think these are very cute, and frankly, a necessity in our house. We are still using the girls bouncy seats for when they take a bottle and let's face it, we are way past due to get rid of them.

And what am I not loving today? This rainy weather we're having, complete with tornado watches and sirens going off. I know it's only the beginning of spring, but I am already over the rain. I am so ready for warm and sunny weather!

What are you loving this Wednesday?


Bethany said...

oohhhh!! I love pom pom flowers too!!

Katie @ Chronicles of KT said...

ooh I love those pom flowers!!! Also that books sounds like something i would benefit from reading, I might have to go find it!!

Jaime said...

Okay I love those pom pom flowers...so cute!!! And the chairs...I need those too!!