Monday, May 2, 2011

11 Months Old

Happy 11 Months, Morgan and Taylor!

I keep asking them where my little newborns are, and they just look at me and laugh! Seriously, I can't believe we are already almost at their 1 year birthday. Slow down time!

They are getting into everything, and usually, it's stuff they are not supposed to be into. Like crawling behind chairs and tv sets, and opening up drawers (don't worry, nothing harmful in there!). Just this morning, Taylor opened a drawer in the kitchen and took out the loaf of bread which immediately got tossed on the floor. Ha! They have a ton of toys, but they would rather crawl around and investigate the house.


*has discovered our floor length mirror and loves to look at herself and laugh.

*stands up in her crib everytime I put her down for a nap.

*cries any time a stranger (or relatives she doesn't see very often) talks to her.

*poops everytime we get in the car (she's going to love me for sharing this when she's a teenager!)

*loves her blankie. She holds it in her hand and sticks her thumb in her mouth. That's her "I'm tired" sign.

*eats anything! She is a very good eater.

*walking along furniture and pulling herself up on everything.


*still gives people "the look", but is easier to smile now.

*is getting better about sleeping ALL the way through the night without interruption, but still has her nights where she gets up.

*starting to become picky about which foods she eats. Would rather eat fruits than veggies.

*Plays peekaboo with her blankie, and gives a huge grin when she does it.

*Is very "chatty" in the morning and will babble happily in her crib.

I am loving every minute with them, but they sure have me on the go! And we are saying "no-no" around here a lot. They are definitely testing some boundaries. I wasn't expecting that yet!


Jaime said...

awe I love that picture of both of them...and holy cow I can't believe they are 11 crazy. They are so cute.

Sandy said...

First, I LOVE your blog makeover! It's so neat! The graphics, fonts, pictures...LOVE it!

Seriously, 11 months?!?!? That went by so fast!!! Are you planning their first birthday party yet?

Bethany said...

I could just squeeze the both of them!!! They are darling!! What an exciting time!