Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's Party Time

Who knew that planning a 1st Birthday party would be so much fun and so stressful all at the same time? Their party was this past Sunday, and I had my eye on the weather forecast all week. Since the party was going to be outside and I knew all the kids would be playing outside, I was hoping for nice weather. When I got up bright and early Sunday morning, what did I see outside? Clouds. And it was chilly! But the weather turned around just before the party started and the sun came out!
This is a centerpeice that I put on the tables we set up on the deck. They were made from Nina at the Paper Kingdom on Etsy. I LOVED THEM! (Nina was so awesome to work with. Probably the nicest person I have ever made a purchase from!). I bought inexpensive glass vases from Hobby Lobby and filled them with colored M&Ms.

The cake was from Sweet Cakes Design. The bottom layer was strawberry swirl cake with strawberry buttercream and layered with fresh strawberries. The top layer was cookies and cream cake with milk chocolate buttercream and layered with crushed oreo cookies. To die for!

Taylor dove right into her cake! She was lovin' the frosting!

Morgan wasn't too sure about the cake, and she would stick one finger into the cake and then take a bite. That is their personalities in a nutshell!

The girls had a blast opening their gifts! They were definitely blessed with all of the stuff they got.

Now, the girls won't remember their 1st birthday, but I know I will. It was a lot of fun (except for the cranky baby part---it was so close to nap time for them), but I now know what we'll do for future parties and what we definitely won't do! I just wanted everything to be perfect, but nothing is perfect and I have to roll with it. I am so happy that they were surrounded by people who loved them and who wanted to celebrate with them. That's all that truly matters!


Bethany said...

oh my gosh - those centerpieces are too adorable! nice job on the party!! oh and you just wait - each bday feels the same way :)
p.s. CUTE family photo!!

Sandy said...

AWESOME pictures! I love that family picture at the end - what a sweet sweet family!

BTW- those cake combinations sound HEAVENLY!!!

Erin said...

Ah! Love it ALL! Good job, mama!