Sunday, July 24, 2011


I cannot begin to tell you how fortunate I feel that I am blessed with two healthy little girls. I don't ever want to take this for granted. While catching up on some blogs today, I came across a blog that Kelly at Kelly's Korner mentioned in her most recent post. She was asking for prayers for this little guy Tripp, and so I headed over to the blog. I about fell out of my chair with sadness.
As a parent, I cannot imagine watching my child in constant pain. Yet the strength of Courtney and her husband Randy blow me away. Can you stop by their blog today and say some prayers for this little boy and his parents?
"Sometimes we see God's purpose immediately, sometimes that purpose becomes clear to us much later, and sometimes we may never learn why God chose to do what He did or why He allowed certain things to happen, until we meet Him in heaven. It is not our job to understand; our job is to trust God." ---Andre K. Duggar PRAYER: Your Own Letter to God

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Vanessa said...

Wow, that is absolutely HEARTBREAKING. It really makes me want to hug my girl and not let go. We are so fortunate to have healthy babies! Praying for this sweet boy!